Patient Travel and Transportation

How It Works

Arrangement of patient travel to the site and back with the focus on safety, promptness, and reliability will expedite patient retention in your clinical trials, increase compliance with the trial schedule and reduce the workload of study coordinators.

IRM travel coordinators will organize and support any type of transfer. Options include but are not limited to dedicated transfers by car, ambulance charter, rail, and air means of transport.

IRM network of transportation providers covers all regions of Ukraine and includes at least 2 providers per region to ensure the undisrupted provision of service.

IRM has developed procedures for quality and operational oversight and constantly monitors the metrics.

Service is provided 24/7. 

Projects Set-up

IRM procedures ensure prompt project start-up. The following steps are required to set up Patient Travel and Transportation project at IRM:

  1. Complete Project Set-up Form with trial specific-details
  2. Provide Customer Project Team list
  3. Provide Site Contact List.
  4. Provide a list of patient numbers

Projects Execution

Once the project is ready to start IRM project manager, assigned for the study, will contact all participating sites to inform them about the transportation order process. Each site will also receive corresponding memo with a template for Patients Transportation Order Form. To order the service Clinical Trial Staff should submit the form to IRM preferably 1 day before the patient visit however ad-hoc requests are also possible. Investigators may also order transportation via SMS and phone call. In such a case order form will be prepared by IRM project manager and sent to a site as notification. All transfers are provided within the budget limits set by the Sponsor. Will the transfer cost exceeds the budget, IRM project manager will inform the Sponsor in writing to ask the approval.

Project Reporting

Project Reporting Standard reporting period at IRM is 1 calendar month. Within 5 working days after the end of reporting period IRM provides:

  1.  Patients Transportation Monthly Report for Customer
  2. Site-specific Patients Transportation Monthly Report for Site. Site-specific report doesn’t contain financial information unless requested by the Customer.
  3. Invoice for performed services

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