IoR & EoR Services

IRM supports Import and Export requirements acting as an authorized entity for import or export transactions. We provide companies with a complex solution that covers regulatory, customs, logistics and other aspects of a Supply Chain.

IRM team will navigate your through the requirements on import licensing and permits, offer import conditions to be used, fill and file customs declarations, pay destination country Taxes and Duties as well as perform inbound delivery of the supply to the End User.

IRM experience includes but not limited to:

  • Medical Equipment for Clinical Trial use
  • Importation of Ancillary Materials for Clinical Trial Use
  • IT Equipment
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Biological Samples Export

IRM Importer of Record & Exporter of Record Services include:

  • Pre-shipment consultancy, including advise on import conditions, required permits
  • Preparation of documentation for import or export of goods
  • Application for import licenses or permits 
  • Customs Clearance of goods
  • Payment of Import or Export Taxes and Duties as applicable
  • Set of Supply Chain Services including warehousing, inbound delivery


Supply Chain Management

IRM Supply Management Solutions allow customers to streamline their operations by implementing systematic business processes that include coordination of procurement, warehousing and logistics processes. And we specialize in Clinical Trial Industry. 

We help our customers build a competitive and safe supply chain at every level, from planning to sourcing, to warehousing, to distribution, to returns and destruction management.  

IRM offers 360-degree for your clinical trial equipment and ancillary supplies including procurement, storage, distribution including white-glove delivery and set-up, site training, maintenance during the study, returns and disposition. 

Returns Management & Destruction

IRM offers seamless, regulatory-compliant and shift process to collect supplied equipment and remained ancillary supplies for further reuse, resale or destruction process.

For an equipment the can be re-used, IRM engineers can perform decontamination and maintenance services to prepare the equipment for your next study.  

Destruction or recycling is done by authorized and licensed vendors and destruction certificates are provided for filing purposes.  

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