Patient Retention Tools

Patient recruitment is not the only challenge in clinical trial conduct and patient retention strategies must be considered ahead. To decrease patient dropout rate, Sponsors and CROs should think about patient motivation to stay in the study till the end and what added value would participation in the study bring, and how a patient may benefit from the clinical trial.

Besides Patient Travel and Transportation Services, IRM offers newly emerged service on the Ukrainian clinical research market such as pre-paid Certificates for Patients. IRM offers a variety of pre-paid certificates of different value for a various types of products.

Variety of certificates:

How it works?

IRM will work with you to identify the type of certificate that would fit best your study needs including product type, amount covered, branding. 

Certificates can be order one-off or supplied according to the schedule according to enrollment pace. 

IRM flat-fee pricing, transparent and regular reporting will allow you to stay on track with your study budget. 


Reimbursement of Patient self-incurred expenses. 

Certificates for Patients can be utilized as a tool for reimbursement of patients for  travel and time without the hassle of operations in cash. 

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