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Repeated use of medical equipment leads to depreciation and degradation of measurements over a period of time and affects its accuracy. Medical equipment validation and calibration is the process to ensure that the provided items measurements correspond to certain standards and it is ready-to-use and functional to deliver it on the clinical trial site and use with patients or investigated medical product (IMP).

 For our clients the health and safety of patients is a top priority. It should be done to minimize the uncertainty and in measurements. Each countries authority has its own regulation for periodical calibration of medical equipment. Especially important this question becomes when the medical equipment is intended for clinical trial because all the measurements are essential as a core of gathered data. Therefore our customers usually order calibration and maintenance service besides the procurement.

Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers has issued the order on the rules and periods with regards to which equipment shall be calibrated. This is the main document that IRM follows while offering its services to the customers

 If you have already supply the equipment with the help of another vendor but you require calibration, you can refer to the manufacturer guidelines to specify the fixed period. If you do not have such an information available, please do not hesitate to contact IRM because our team has engineers who have a deep knowledge in the medical equipment industry and we ensure you that they will offer you the best solution which will meet your demand the most. 

Among the list of the equipment which is required to be calibrated we would like to highlight that all the equipment which measure vital indicators and thermometers or loggers which are intended for tracking of the IMP storage temperature, are obliged to be calibrated by the approved institutions.

The list of equipment that requires calibration includes but not limited to:

  1. Thermometers
  2. Pulseoxymeters
  3. Blood Pressure Meters
  4. Data loggers
  5. ECGs
  6. Freezers
  7. Scales

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