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Expense Reimbursement Services are designed to meet legislation of Ukraine and EU Clinical Trial Directive (2001/20/EC) and Regulation (536/2014) that states: no incentives or financial inducements are given to incapacitated participants or minors (or either of their legally designated representatives), or to pregnant women, except for compensation for expenses and loss of earnings directly related to participation in the clinical trial.

What is more, our flexibility and transparent accountancy will benefit you in a cost-effectiveness while we can suggest many options with an adequate location and venue to avoid unexpected and irrational expenses to meet your budget requirement.

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The Trial Master File (TMF), the essence of every clinical trial, supports the quality, integrity, and validity of the collected data. With TMF contributors positioned around the globe, there is an obvious need for Clinical Trial Sponsors to look at their eTMF management processes to ensure timely TMF completeness, required quality of documents and inspection readiness of the file.

Multiple service providers typically contribute TMF and it is challenging to ensure high quality and inspection readiness of the TMF across all studies. Also usage of several eTMF management systems may increase the Sponsor’s burden to oversee the status.

IRM allows you to streamline the TMF management process providing the Clinical Trial Sponsor with dedicated, sponsor-focused team for eTMF management process.

Acting on Sponsor’s behalf IRM supports:

  • eTMF selection and implementation
  • eTMF Management SOP development
  • eTMF Audits
  • Document Quality-Check, Filing and Indexing

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